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Sedanta (From Cu Chulainn to Hiei)

App 6
My name is Sedanta, and this is who I used to be. Serrovan, born on the homeworld Oren, I came to Krosrode because I sought the dream. My people have been divided in pursuit of perfection for a millennia; torn between the forgotten god Korruden's dream of perfection thru practice, and our leader Bardoc's vision of perfection thru domination, my people are warrior's born.

I have served in the employ of Lazarus Ruhl and his daughter Annie for two years now, and it was from my master's library I came to learn of the Ruhl Stones. These seven jewels, when brought together, could grant wishes. So I sought them, travelled the world, and beat Ruhl's riddles and finally located them. And I wished to rebuild myself. I wished to make myself into what I imagined was the perfection I sought.

This is what I became . . .
App 16

I am faster than before, faster than the eye may percieve, and 10x the fighter. I now posess the ability to tap ancient daemonic magicks and weild Jao Enatsu energy with immense proficiency. I had traded my tail flaw, and gained power.
Jao Enatsu

But every power has its price.

A New Flaw

My tail had been replaced with a Jagan Eye; with it I could control Jao Enatsu energy, weild daemon magicks, see beyond sight. But it is harder to hide than my tail, and just as essential. I am no longer serrovan, nor am I a daemon, I am something that is both and neither and treated thusly. My family does not welcome me home, and the world of my birth holds me like a foreigner. I look nothing like I used to, only my employer's ability to detect lies assures him that I am his seneschal, and none of my friends look at me the same as before.

I wished for perfection, and found this. Was it worth it? Yes and no.
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