Chromium Wolf (miscericorde) wrote in krosrode_rpg,
Chromium Wolf

Katzel's Confession

Miscericorde: {Katzel} *eyes change* I'm sorry. I'm still no saint, still evil inside.
robinxacetone: (Jaime) *changes tack* well. . . I would honestly have no qualms if I knew that it was just you. I'm attracted to you, as I said before.
robinxacetone: (j) Don't be sorry.
Miscericorde: {K} Did I ever tell you why Indalicio shares this body with me? *sits on the bed*
robinxacetone: (j) *sits down* No, you never did.
Miscericorde: {K} I used a wish from the ruhlstones, to bind the daemon into me, because I wanted the power of the entity they called "The destroyer of worlds" in my hands. I wanted to rule the world, dominate it like a plaything.
Miscericorde: {K} *smiles* Ruhl, granted the wish, as twisted as ever, and bound us together. We fight for control of the same body; myself to rule, him to demolish. That changes you. I don't want to rule the world anymore, just for the war in my heart to stop, that and unlimited power to crush my enemies.
Miscericorde: {K} I know that as long as Indalicio is inside me no one will trust me, no woman will have me. You can't have just me, it has to be us both, because I've found no way to remove him without releasing him into this world.
robinxacetone: (j) *looks down, consuming the facts*
robinxacetone: (j) Are you sure that there is absolutely no way?
Miscericorde: {K} Not without my own death. And that is counter productive. No one wants to rule a dead world.
Miscericorde: {K} *chuckle* What a quandry . . .
Miscericorde: {K} Ain't that a bitch
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