Punkstar (punkstar1369) wrote in krosrode_rpg,

Tahlia Blackrose

Tahlia Blackrose is a young avarial elf who grew up in the city of Sint. She married a man young and payed for her choice later. He used her and treated her like a notch in his belt. A week later he was found dead, murdered by a summoner with the power to invoke Terra (the sand golem). Tahlia being the only one with the abilites and a reason she was blamed. To avoid persecution she fled the city. She now works as a mercenary workin hard to earn her keep. Often just like when she was young Tahlia receives anonymous gifts. She has no idea who they come from, but they always come.

Tahlia is kind of a bitch. She trusts no one. She is suspicious of everyone and never tells anyone anything. She is mostly a mellow person but if you piss her off she has no problems with takin care of you.

Tahlia 5'6, 120lbs. She has cold looking black eyes. Currently her hair color is black but it changes often as to keep her identity a secret.
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