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Once a servant of the "Shining Mother" (goddess of life), he fell from grace because he refused to deliver her resurrection to a man he believed the world preferred dead. For his treason, his wings were stripped form him, and he was cast down to krosrode to live the mortal's life. Each day of his life was devoted to her work; kindness, heroism, he lived for the people. His life changed when the perceptions of another were thrust upon him. Lady Odessa DeLioncourt, a vampire of centuries age, chose to test her endurance against the holy blood of the angel, and she found it sweet. And in her mind, the dark joy at the perversion of a servant of life welled up, and she made the fallen angel into a vampire the likes of which none had imagined.

Crushed, utterly destroyed, Miscericorde lived in the streets, torn nearly insane between the thirst for human blood, and the guilt at every life he took to prolong his own. Violet, his goddess, came to him and rid him of the madness, and slowly he began to endure the monster he had become. A blend of divine power and undead magicks, the fallen angel seeks to gather power to that he may slay his progenitor, and to atone for his sins that he may one day return to his goddess' light.

Miscericorde is 6' and 170lbs, immensely strong despite his lithe frame. His feathery hair and crystal blue eyes disguise the vampire lust within him, and once his double cainines have slid down from his jaw he devours warm blood with mad frenzy. Were it not for the fact that vampiric bite drowns the victim with waves of sexual ecstasy, he could not bring himself to feed; this way, he can lie to himself that they're happy in his arms. Through the magic of The Runemaster's Patch, he has regained his wings and an alternate form that grants him some of the power he has lost, but still his heart aches for what he had been.
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